Straight Truck

Versatile Delivery for Less-Than-Load Freight

Straight Truck Delivery Details

When caring for your product is the top priority, straight trucks offer a higher level of care than a large trailer. In addition, straight trucks are the perfect option for less-than-load (LTL) freight. Straight trucks can haul loads up to 10,000 pounds and can travel easily through most municipalities.

With our access to straight box trucks ranging from 16′ up to 26′, we can usually deliver to some of the more out-of-reach areas. Generally, these trucks are equipped with a lift gate and pallet jack for delivery to the ground if a dock is not available.

Benefits of Straight Truck Shipping

Generally speaking, straight trucks offer a higher level of attention and care to your freight. Large trailers risk your freight moving during transportation. Straight trucks can provide a secure method of transportation for your cargo without the risk of damage.

Straight trucks offer flexible load sizes and can navigate smaller roads. In addition, straight trucks can ground deliver and do not need a dock to unload the freight.

Smaller load sizes can mean a more cost-effective shipping method for less-than-load freight. Straight trucks offer a shipping method catered to your specific cargo. 

Reliable Delivery to Your Destination