Expedited Shipping Service

Expedited 2-Day Shipping for High-Value Shipments

Expedited Shipping Details

When you need your shipment delivered ASAP, our expedited service is perfect for getting your product where it needs to be safely and on time. Our network of box trucks, cargo, and sprinter vans can get your product from the Midwest to the coast in usually less than three days. If your shipment is under an 800-mile range, next-day shipping is not out of the question.

Benefits of Expedited Shipping

Faster shipping speeds compared to standard shipping options. Typical shipping options vary between three to seven business days. We will get your package to its destination in three days or less.

Trucks travel from order pickup to delivery with no stops in between to fulfill shipping demands.

We can supply a team of drivers if needed to eliminate downtime due to the Department of Transportation’s mandated Hours of Service requirements.

Reliable Delivery to Your Destination